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Established vide Punjab Govt. Act No. 6 of 2015 and is recognized by UGC under Section 2(F) of UGC Act, 1956. (ISO 9001:2015)


Date: 07-05-2024

Organizing Unit/Agency: Department of Physical Education and Sports

Participants: 200

Activity Report

We are privileged to announce with the blessings of revered Sant Baba Dlawar Singh Ji (Brahm Ji), benign endorsement of our honorable chancellor Sant Baba Manmohan Singh Ji and Under the able guidance of respectedProf. (Dr.) Dharmjit Singh Parmar, Vice Chancellor,that The Department of Physical Education and Sports has successfully conducted the Athletic day (07-05-2024) in which around 200 students and faculty participated. Below is the framework of all steps which have been come into the discussion during this entire three days session.
The Sant Baba Bhag Singh University, Department of Physical Education and Sports, has chosen to have a Marathon Lecture on Athletic day (07-05-2024) to spread the awareness about the structure and functionality of athleticism. The department has invited Dr. Parnam Singh (Assistant Director Sports) to take a Marathon Lecture on this particular day to shine its importance and make students feel that it is very essential to be always a part of it. Furthermore, he provided a valuable knowledge and experience regarding the athleticism that how we all get benefits from it.
IMPORTANCE Promotes Physical Fitness: Encourages participants and spectators to engage in regular exercise.
Highlights the benefits of running and endurance training for overall health.
Community Engagement: Brings together people from different backgrounds, fostering community spirit and unity.
Provides an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to participate and support the event.
Raises Awareness: Promotes awareness about health and fitness issues, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices.
Can support charitable causes, raising funds and awareness for important social issues.
Boosts Local Economy: Attracts participants and visitors, boosting local tourism and business.
Provides exposure for local vendors and sponsors, enhancing their visibility and reach.
Encourages Personal Achievement: Provides a platform for individuals to challenge themselves and achieve personal goals.
Celebrates athletic achievements, motivating others to set and pursue their own fitness objectives.
Enhances Social Connections: Facilitates new friendships and connections among participants, volunteers, and spectators.
Strengthens bonds within families and groups who participate together.
Department of physical education (SBBSU)organized an Athletic Dayin which around 200 student and many faculty members got the opportunity to take part. Department has provided an open field to all the students to gain knowledge and experience as per their capabilities and capacities; and most importantly, the learning platform to build the highest level of confidence that may help them to serve their society better and make the university’s name proud. The marathon lecture on Athletic Day has been inaugurated at 11:00am on (07/05/2024) in presence of(Dr.) Amarjeet Singh (HOD Physical Education)and all faculty members and students of The Department of Physical Education and others as well. At the end, (HOD) (Dr.) Amarjeet Singh concluded it with the vote of thanks to all the faculty and students who participatedin this lecturewith full zeal and enthusiasm. All the above points are shown visually below in the shape of number of pictures which may provide a clear view of how it has been successfully organized as well: