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Save Environment


To make the students aware of the necessity of environmental protection
To educate students on how to save the environment.
The Electrical Engineering Department, UIET, Sant Baba Bhag Singh University (SBBSU), Jalandhar, organized an extension activity on the topic “Save Environment” on 17th October, 2022, at Govt. Sen School Mahingrowal, Distt. Hoshiarpur. A total of 5 students and 2 faculty members organized the activity. Following ways can be adopted for saving environment:
All of us should plant as many trees as we can. Those who have their own car can share with others, or maximum people can use public transport which will reduce many toxic gases and is helpful to clean air. We all use electricity, but how many of us switch off the power supply after use? Many of us leave that without turning it off. Saving electricity can save coal and water. Lesser use of refrigerators and AC can decline the number of CFCs and will protect the ozone layer. Pretreatment of industrial effluents can prevent maximum amounts of pollution. A little amount of consciousness can prevent our earth from plastic deposition. How? Just keep in mind to take your carry bags while going for marketing. Keep your water bottle. Don’t purchase water bottles every time, which will deposit a huge amount of plastic bottles. Try to give your used plastics for recycling. We should regulate sewage and other waste materials properly instead of dumping them into rivers directly. Also, we can take alternatives for limited resources. We should advance in the usage of solar energy and wind power for reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, we should protect rare species as every species plays an important role in ecological balance and the food chain. With the use of technology, we can reduce paper use and ultimately can save plants. We should pretreat industrial waste materials before disposing them directly into the environment. Further, citizens should obey strict guidelines to save their environments. This is not a one-hand work. We have united for this and have to follow our own responsibilities.