Day 1
1st December 2022
Day 2
2nd December 2022
Day 3
3rd December 2022

University Youth Festival: YUVA 2022

Sant Baba Bhag Singh University organized University Youth Festival “YUVA-22” on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December, 2022 with vision and mission to encourage multi-talented youth of the university and to create cultural consciousness. Since it's inception in 2016, the youth festival “YUVA-22” aimed to propagate the concept of spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage, and adventure amongst the youth by exhibiting their cultural prowess in a common platform. A youth festival typically was a themed event that includes an array of extra-curricular activities for young people to sharpen their skills, exchange innovative ideas and develop passion for art, literary activities, technical events, music, fine arts, sports and theater etc. It was an annual festival of the youth, for the youth and by the youth.
The various activities of Youth festival "YUVA-22" include vivid participation for competitive and non-competitive cultural events like, intellectual discourses, Giddha, Bhangra, Still Photography, Drama, Mime, Debates, Declamation, Fine arts activities, and many more. The center of the festival focuses on cultural aspects and a number of other programmes covering exclusive collection of activities, that not only reflect the spirit of youth but also peace and development. Besides, this festival also provides an exposure to the youth for the expression and fulfillment of their cultural talents and aspirations. Youth festivals refresh the minds of youngsters and provide an opportunity to them to show their talent.


  • Day 1
  • Schedule for 'YUVA' Day 1 on 01-Dec-2022
  • Event Title Event Name
    Sukhmani Sahib Path Arambh of Path Shri Sukhmani Sahib
    Bhog and Ardaas
    Inauguration Ceremony
    Special Events held in Gurudwara Bhagatpura Sahib 1. Turban Tying
    2. Gurbani Kanth
    Events scheduled on 01-Dec-2022 (Seminar Hall Block No. 5) 1. Vaar Gayan
    2. Kavishiri
    3. Group Shabad/ Bhajan
    4. Solo Song
    5. Group Song
    6. Folk Song
    Technical Events scheduled on 01-Dec-2022 (Venue at Block 3, Block 5 and Block 7) 1. Debate
    2. Declamation
    3. Essay Writing
    4. Quiz Competition (Traditional Punjabi Culture)
    5. Funny Crime Scene Story
    6. Nail Art
    7. Mehndi
    8. General Quiz Competition
    9. Short Play
    10. Poetry
    11. Rangoli Competition
    12. LAN Gaming
    13. Logo Designing
    14. PPT (Innovative Techniques)
    15. Group Discussion
    16. Speech
    17. Model Presentation
    18. One Minute JAM
    19. Technical Power Point Presentation
    20. Electrical Model Exhibition
    21. Word Puzzle
    22. Chess Competition
    23. Indoor Cricket
    24. Auto CAD Competition
    25. Treasure Hunt
    26. Beat the Code
    27. Hands on Keyboard
    28. Food Making Competition
    29. Sketch Drawing
    30. Collage Making
    31. On the Spot Photography
    32. Best Out of Waste
    33. AD Mad Show
    34. Role Play
    35. YUVA Lottery
    36. Business Quiz
    37. Business Plan
    38. Slogan Writing
    39. Master Chef
    40. Short Video Contest
    41. Stand up "COMEDIAN"
    42. Make up Competition
    43. Best Attire
    44. Cooking without Fire
    45. Young Scientists and Innovation
    46. StartUP Event
    47. Poster Making
    48. Phulkari Making
    49. Canvas Painting
    50. Creative Writing
    51. Calligraphy
    52. Clay Modelling
    53. Jewellery Making
    54. Bench Press
    55. Push Up
    56. Chikku Making
    57. Pakhi Making
    58. Eennu Making
    59. Crosia (Crochet) Making
  • Day 2
  • Schedule for 'YUVA' Day 2 (Main Stage) on 02-Dec-2022
  • Event Name
    Inauguration Ceremony
    Schedule for 'YUVA' Day 2 (Main Stage) on 02-Dec-2022 1. Solo Dance
    2. Group Dance
    3. Natti
    4. Skit
    5. Mimicry
    6. Mime
    7. Fashion Show
  • Day 3
  • Schedule for 'YUVA' Day 3 (Main Stage) on 03-Dec-2022
  • Event Name
    Inauguration Ceremony
    Schedule for 'YUVA' Day 3 (Main Stage) on 03-Dec-2022 1. Giddha
    2. Bhangra


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