SBBS University has a Central Library and its branches in University Institutes. It serves as a central service unit to facilitate help in the creation of new Knowledge through acquisition, Organization and dissemination of information. The Library offers a wide range of material in a variety of formats i.e. from traditional books and serial to e-books and networked information covering all disciplines of Science, Engineering, Technology, Humanities, Management, Nursing, Education, Law, Spiritualism and many more in Open Access System. Apart from acquisitioned books, periodicals, thesis and project report, library user has access to more than 10,000 electronic journals and about One Lac e-books(subscribed as well as open source) in its digital library section. Our Library has mutual relations with other major libraries for resource sharing. The library is digitized. It has its own computer section for access to digital resources such as online journals, books and other digital information resources.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available to Know the status of books in the library. Skilled staff assists to use the resources and retrieve information on specific topics. Our Library is a learning space where faculty, research scholars and students are motivated to explore, acquire and create information. Library also extends apprenticeship to the students of librarianship to have working experience using Library Management Software.

Library services provides a huge multidisciplinary print and electronic information resources that includes over 1.2 million books and e-books plus thousands of national and international journals.

Over 10,000 Journals (subscribed as well as open source).
Comfortable opening hours during Exams.Individual and flexible Group Study spaces.