Dr. Indu Sharma

The office of Dean Academics is the nerve centre for all matters concerning academics in the university campus. It looks after the working of various institutes of the university and teaching departments. The office acts as nodal centre to scrutinize, supervise and synergize academic, research and administrative activities of various teaching departments. All research projects and research activities are coordinated and led through this office in coordination with Director Research office. Its my immense pleasure to mention here that Sant Baba Bhag Singh University is the result of glorious history of over 13 years in the field of education and serving the people of rural area of Jalandhar and surrounding districts. The university is enthusiastically engaged in rigorous academic work that reflects its sense of passionate commitment to achieve excellence in education and research programs. University is pledged to achieve the new heights in academics, sports, NSS, NCC, cultural activities and transparent admission process. University empowers its students with knowledge, skills, vision and value education to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. It is progressing for excellent infrastructure in terms of buildings and state of the art labs for research and teaching. Constant upgradation of the syllabi is the benchmark of the university, giving a sense of internal academic audit and satisfaction. The University is affluent to have an eminent academician and computer expert Prof. (Dr.) Jatinder Singh Bal as Vice-Chancellor, under his guidance this office is trying its best to fulfill the need of hour.