Leave Rules and Regulations

Leave Rules and Regulations

1.     Normally a student is expected to attend all classes. Absence from classes without valid reason is an act of indiscipline. It is mandatory for a student to have 75% attendance of scheduled classes for appearing in examination.

2.     Students absenting themselves without valid reason shall be liable to disciplinary action including fine.

3.      The medical officer must recommend leave application on medical ground. Father/Guardian of student must countersign such application before it is sent to the University. Medical officer will clearly specify the disease and the period of rest recommended. Medical Certificate from the competent authority must be submitted on rejoining the University.

4.     The Principal will sanction medical leave.

5.     Absence from examination for whatever reason will not make the student eligible for any benefit.

6.      Students intending to go outside the campus gate during working hours can do so with the permission of HOD.

7.     No Leave shall be counted towards making up of 75% attendance.